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    15 November 2016, Volume 2 Issue 11
    Comprehensive Reviews
    Survey of digital signature technology based on error correcting codes
    Fang REN,Dong ZHENG,Jiu-lun FAN
    2016, 2(11):  1-10.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.2096-109x.2016.00108
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    The emergence of quantum algorithms have threatened the security of digital signature algorithms widely used currently,most of which based on some hard problems in number theory.The digital signature algorithms based on error correcting codes,which can resist quantum attack,has been studied by many researchers in recent years and there have been many research results in different areas,such as normal digital signature,blind signature,ring signature,group signature.Because of the fast computation speed and high security,it has become one of the most promising digital signature technologies.A comprehensive introduction was given and digital signature technologies based on error correcting codes were summarized,the key technologies were analyzed and the possible research directions in the future were pointed out.

    Survey of block chain
    Xin SHEN,Qing-qi PEI,Xue-feng LIU
    2016, 2(11):  11-20.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.2096-109x.2016.00107
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    With the wide spread of Bitcoin,block chain serving as the building block of digital currency becomes a hot spot in industry and academia.Due to the decentration of network,the unforgeability of block data,etc.,block chain has attracted more and more attentions from financial institutions.The essential theory and core technique of block chain were surveyed,and the issues of management and security problems of block chain based applications were discussed.To help improve the block chain techniques is the goal.

    Study of cross-domain identity authentication in SOA environment
    Jing-jing GUO,Jian-feng MA,Xin-xin GUO,Tao ZHANG
    2016, 2(11):  21-29.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.2096-109x.2016.00111
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    For the network nowadays becoming more and more complex,the SOA environment has the properties of heterogeneous and multiple domain.A trust management scheme was proposed based on the fuzzy theory,and a cross-domain identity authentication in SOA was constructed by the combining of the trust management scheme with the credential transform service.During the authentication,a user’domain used the trust management scheme to guarantee its security,and the service provider’s domain used both the trust management and credential to ensure its security.Furthermore,the credential transform made users can access services in the domains whose security mechanism was different from the users’.It is shown that the proposed authentication scheme has superiority in both security and pervasive,and is suitable for the SOA environment.

    Entangled state testing in the quantum Byzantine agreement
    Xia WU,Heng-yue JIA,Jian-ming ZHU
    2016, 2(11):  30-38.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.2096-109x.2016.00110
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    In distributed computing,Byzantine agreement is a practical method to solve its fault-tolerance problem.There is a variation of the Byzantine agreement which is called detectable Byzantine agreement.This kind of protocol is unsolvable by classical means,but can be solved using quantum resources——quantum entangled states.A typical quantum detectable Byzantine agreement is the GBKCW protocol.The part with the generation and distribution of the lists in the GBKCW protocol was dealed with.In order to keep the GBKCW protocol from the intercept-and-resend strategy,the property of the determination of entangled states were employed to test the sharing state between the parties.

    Research and implementation of the monitoring system of trusted counters
    Jia-peng LOU,Yun-fei CI,Hao-jie WANG,Yao-ming PAN
    2016, 2(11):  39-46.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.2096-109x.2016.00078
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    In the digital works trading system,trusted counting mechanism effectively solves the disputes of copyright.To ensure credible counter proper,safe operation and control the counter status,version,a method and system based on trusted digital work counter transaction monitoring system,which combines with RSA,and other cryptographic techniques are proposed to achieve real-time monitoring and credible counter version upgrade of the operating state,to ensure the integrity of online transactions,confidentiality and cannot be tampered with.The architecture,function modules and data security structures of the system are described in detail.It has been widely used in the field of digital copyright protection.

    Clustering algorithm preserving differential privacy in the framework of Spark
    Zhi-qiang GAO,Qing-peng LI,Ren-yuan HU
    2016, 2(11):  47-51.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.2096-109x.2016.00087
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    Aimed at the problem that traditional methods fail to deal with malicious attacks with arbitrary background knowledge during the process of massive data clustering analysis,an improved clustering algorithm, especially designed for preserving differential privacy,under the framework of Spark was proposed.Furthermore,it’s theoretically proved to meet the standard of ε-differential privacy in the framework of Spark platform.Finally,experimental results show that guaranteeing the availability of proposed clustering algorithm,the improved algorithm has an advantage over privacy protection and satisfaction in the aspect of time as well as efficiency.Most importantly,the proposed algorithm shows a good application prospect in the analysis of data clustering preserving privacy protection and data security.

    Secure and verifiable outsourcing of determinant computing in the cloud and its electronic trading scheme
    Rui SUN,You-Liang TIAN
    2016, 2(11):  52-60.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.2096-109x.2016.00109
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    In view of the problem that users’ informations are leaked and tampered possiblely exists at service terminal in existing outsourcing cloud computing protocols,a secure efficient and verifiable outsourcing protocol about determinant computing in the cloud was proposed.Firstly,the outsourcing computing protocol was based on the fuzz matrix technology and needed not under the premise of any difficulty assumptions to ensure the security of users’ informations.Secondly,by means of generating a special kind of transformation matrixes to deal with plaintext matrix,then after the users receive the returned results,the correctness of these results can be verified effectively,and the performance analysis shows this protocol can effectively improve the efficiency of outsourcing cloud computing.Finally,an electronic trading framework for determinant outsourcing computing was proposed,which could be effectively applied to e-commerce and other fields.

    Suppress the diffusion of rumors with nodes closeness mining
    Ya-ping TIAN,Li YANG,Xiao-qin WANG,Ya-feng QIAO
    2016, 2(11):  61-69.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.2096-109x.2016.00114
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    Through making the analysis of information spread in social networks,the supression of rumors,error information and other negative information was realized.Firstly,by analyzing the structure of social networks and the characteristics of node behavior,a method for the identification of opinion leader nodes was proposed based on the degree of intimacy between nodes in social networks.Then,the rumor propagation model and the analysis of nodes’ state transformation process were made when the rumor spread in social networks.At last,the control method was proposed to suppress the diffusion of rumors with the nodes’ closeness.

    Research on the SQL injection filtering based on SQL syntax tree
    Chen-wang HAN, Hui LIN, Chuan HUANG
    2016, 2(11):  70-77.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.2096-109x.2016.00113
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    The development of Web application make its areas become more and more widely.Followed by a security problem is becoming more and more serious,especially for the SQL injection attacks,which bring a huge challenge to the Web application security.A new SQL injection filtering method was proposed to detect SQL injection attack by introducing a security strategy based on SQL syntax tree to the design of the user input filtering.The experimental results show that the method can effectively prevent SQL injection attacks,and has higher recognition rate and lower rate of false positives.

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