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    15 March 2017, Volume 3 Issue 3
    Comprehensive Reviews
    Study on the development of the DNS root system
    Zhi-wei YAN,Guang-gang GENG,Hong-tao LI,Xiao-dong LI
    2017, 3(3):  1-12.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.2096-109x.2017.00150
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    The development history of the DNS root system was described and the management of the DNS root service was explained in detail.Based on the shortcomings on efficiency,scalability and stability of the current DNS root server management model,the extension schemes from both policy and technology points of views were summarized and analyzed.

    Issues and challenges of Internet DNS security
    Ning HU,Wen-ping DENG,Su YAO
    2017, 3(3):  13-21.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.2096-109x.2017.00154
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    The domain name system is a critical component of the Internet infrastructure,which maps host names to IP ad-dresses and is involved in most Internet transactions.DNS security has a profound effect on the overall security of Internet and it is also a vital research content of Internet security.In order to improve the security capability of DNS,many enhanced protocols,monitoring mechanisms and best practices were proposed.But recent DNS attack events indicate there are still many recent major research challenges of DNS security problems.The existing achievements and challenges were summarized and discussed,which included security enhanced,behavior monitoring and privacy protection.

    academic paper
    Novel role analysis method for network domain users
    Xiao-feng XU,Li YANG,Wei WANG
    2017, 3(3):  22-27.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.2096-109x.2017.00128
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    A novel role analysis method for network domain users was proposed.Firstly,the algorithm used ISODATA algorithm to cluster network events for user behavior analysis,on the basis of conditions,the method search relationships between varieties of grouping sets in the network instance,and identify each user role in the performing process of network instance.Finally,simulation results show that the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm can distinguish the network user hierarchy and obtain the dominant roles about network users.

    Approach of sensor network backup based on smart and cooperative network
    Di MIAO,Bin HUANG,Jie LI
    2017, 3(3):  28-33.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.2096-109x.2017.00151
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    In order to solve the problem of routing reliability in sensor nodes,a kind of sensor network backup mechanism based on smart and cooperative network was studied.The Leach algorithm was used to carry out the backup of the cluster sensor,and the method of the sensor backup and starting the backup sensor was presented.The tests on Mini-Net show that sensor backup mechanism can effectively solve the sensor failure network outages,with the advantage of fast handoff and low delay.

    Internet naming and addressing system security technology and application analysis
    Cui-cui WANG,Zhi-wei YAN,Guang-gang GENG
    2017, 3(3):  34-42.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.2096-109x.2017.00147
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    In order to ensure the security of domain name system and inter-domain routing system,Internet Engineering Task Force(IETF)proposed two kinds of security technology,namely domain name system security extention(DNSSEC)and resource public key infrastructure(RPKI).For the domain name system,DNSSEC added the digital signature to the original architecture of DNS using the public key infrastructure and it provided the authentication and integrity verification of DNS information,which became the anchor of domain name system security.For the inter-domain routing system,RPKI utilized the public key certificate to authenticate the ownership and usage rights of the Internet number resources and builds an Internet resource management system to enhance inter-domain routing security.Recently,the globally development of DNSSEC and RPKI were continuously expanding.In order to research the application of the two kinds of technology,Alexa top 1 million websites were taken as the data set to study and analyze the application status of DNSSEC and RPKI.

    Block cipher mode research based on identifier of text files
    Tong-ming ZHANG,Jian-feng GUAN
    2017, 3(3):  43-50.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.2096-109x.2017.00149
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    The electronic code book(ECB)mode cannot conceal the data model of the plaintext and has only one private key to the whole plaintext.A block cipher mode based on identity for text files was proposed,which ab-sorbed the advantages of block cipher mode and the feature of plaintext string.A double Hash mapping structure was designed and one layer of the mapping structure maps the plaintext into discontinuous groups,another one which was based on the concept of identify library produced corresponding private key to the plaintext group.The model overcame the discontinuous group and single private key problem and effectively improved the security of the cipher text.The experiment results show that the new model has better security,flexibility and extensibility.

    Research on Android malware detection based on permission and behavior
    Xiao-min ZHANG,Jing LUI,Jun-xi ZHUANG,Ying-xu LAI
    2017, 3(3):  51-57.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.2096-109x.2017.00159
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    For the Android platform malicious application,a method of mapping behavior to privilege characteristics by combining static privilege feature analysis and dynamic behavior analysis was proposed,and association analysis algorithm was used to dig out the association rules between privilege features.Feature as a naive Bayesian classification algorithm input,a malicious application detection model was established.Finally,the experiment verify the effectiveness and accuracy of the method.

    Analysis of problems in the DNSSEC automation deployment
    Chuan GUO,Feng LENG
    2017, 3(3):  58-63.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.2096-109x.2017.00155
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    Based on the practice of domain name system security extensions protocols' deployment in country code top-level domain,the development background of the domain name system security extensions protocols were summarized,the current applications of the domain name system security extensions protocols were analyzed,the automation problems in the domain name system security extensions protocols' deployment were put forward and analyzed,several issues that need to be addressed when deploying the domain name system security extensions protocols in the production environment were summarized and analyzed.

    Research of a spam filter based on improved naive Bayes algorithm
    2017, 3(3):  64-70.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.2096-109x.2017.00119
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    In spam filtering filed,naive Bayes algorithm is one of the most popular algorithm,a modified using support vector machine(SVM)of the native Bayes algorithm :SVM-NB was proposed.Firstly,SVM constructs an optimal separating hyperplane for training set in the sample space at the junction two types of collection,Secondly,according to its similarities and differences between the neighboring class mark for each sample to reduce the sample space also increase the independence of classes of each samples.Finally,using naive Bayesian classification algorithm for mails.The simulation results show that the algorithm reduces the sample space complexity,get the optimal classification feature subset fast,improve the classification speed and accuracy of spam filtering effectively.

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