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    15 October 2018, Volume 4 Issue 10
    Comprehensive Reviews
    Review of video frame rate up conversion detection
    Tianqi HE,Xinghao JIANG,Tanfeng SUN
    2018, 4(10):  1-11.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.2096-109x.2018085
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    Video frame rate up-conversion detection technology is a kind of video forensics technology.In order to systematically elaborate the research progress in the field of video up-conversion detection and guide the follow-up research of video up-conversion detection algorithms,the main algorithms of up-conversion detection technology are summarized.First of all,elaborate the relevant research history and development process and summarize the up-conversion concept and technical framework.According to the purpose of the detection technology,classify and explain the existing algorithms.Finally,the main research teams in the field and their research results were summarized.From the aspects of algorithm framework and test results,compare the existing detection techniques and propose two prospects.Video frame rate up-conversion is an important part of video post-processing technology,and still need further research.

    Ontology summarization technology survey
    Yuehang DING, Hongtao YU, Ruiyang HUANG, Yingle LI
    2018, 4(10):  12-21.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.2096-109x.2018081
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    Ontology is an important tool for knowledge sharing,while it is also the upper structure of knowledge graph.With the explosion of data and ontology complexity,ontology understanding and application are becoming more and more difficult.As a technique to shrink ontology scale,ontology summarization accelerated ontology understanding and application technologically.Different definitions of ontology summarization were shown,ontology summarization methods were compared and analyzed,ontology summarization evaluation parameter system was introduced,and at last,possible future research area was given.

    Security test of 101 protocol of FTU
    Yong WANG,Xiang WANG,Wenting HE,Yuhao ZHOU,Yufan CAI
    2018, 4(10):  22-30.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.2096-109x.2018080
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    The IEC60870-5-101 protocol is mainly used for transmitting messages between the primary station and the substation of the power SCADA data monitoring and acquisition system.Since the message mainly adopts “frame check and sum” to ensure communication security,there is a common security risk among the intermediate personnel.In order to verify the communication problems of the 101 protocol,the communication system between the FTU and the main station of the feeder terminal was constructed,which collected the telemetry signal of the FTU mobile IoT card on the cloud server,and used the man-in-the-middle attack mode to use the ARP to intercept the communication data packet.To analyze the telemetry information in the data packet,try data tampering and successfully make the monitoring data not updated in time.Finally,an enhancement mechanism against external attacks was proposed.

    Method of botnet network nodes detection base on communication similarity
    Yuquan JIN, Bin XIE, Yi ZHU
    2018, 4(10):  31-38.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.2096-109x.2018078
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    At present,the botnet detection method mostly relies on the analysis of the network communication activity or the communication content.The former carries on the statistical analysis to the characteristic of the data flow,does not involve the content in the data flow,has the strong superiority in the detection encryption type aspect,but the accuracy is low.The latter relies on the prior knowledge to examine,has the strong accuracy,but the generality of detection is low.The communication similarity was defined according to Jaccard similarity coefficient,and a method of calculating communication similarity based on user request DNS (domain name system) was proposed,which was used for botnet node detection based on network traffic.Finally,based on the spark framework,the experimental results show that the proposed method can be used in the detection of botnet nodes effectively.

    User behavior pattern mining method based on multi-dimension and multi-granularity analysis in telecom networks
    Xiaotao CHENG,Lixin JI,Ruiyang HUANG,Hongtao YU,Yizhuo YANG
    2018, 4(10):  39-51.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.2096-109x.2018083
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    In order to better understand the behavior of users in telecom networks,it takes CDR (call detail record) data of large-scale telecom network as the research object.By using the mixed probability model and feature engineering method,the multi-dimension characteristics of the call time,call frequency and connections are analyzed from the perspective of user groups and individuals.It is further refined from different time granularities such as hour,day,and week to realize effective discovery of call behavior patterns for different user groups.The distribution characteristics of user behavior are modeled by mixed probability model,which solves the problem of describing the distribution characteristics such as user's call time and frequency.Based on the dataset of a regional telecom network,the performance of decision tree,naive Bayes and SVM classification algorithm are compared.It proves the validity and computational feasibility of the proposed method.The differences in communication behavior patterns of different groups are also compared by taking the service numbers like express,flight and bank as examples.

    Multiuser secret key generation based on received signal
    Aolin CAI,Liang JIN,Zhou ZHONG,Yangming LOU
    2018, 4(10):  52-58.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.2096-109x.2018082
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    The secret key generation method based on channel characteristic provides a new way for communication security.But under the conditions of multiuser and slow fading,because of the slow channel parameter changing rate,using the secret key generation method above can result in a low secret key rate.To solve this problem,a multiuser secret key generation method based on the received signal was proposed.By distributing the random signals to different users using block diagonalization precoding,base station and user can extract the secret key from the received signal.The novel method could significantly increase the secret key rate of multiuser under the quasi-static channel and slow-fading channel,which is verified by simulations.

    Information acquisition strategy for security gate-ways based on swing door trending algorithm
    Shuang WANG,Yueming LU
    2018, 4(10):  59-67.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.2096-109x.2018079
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    Acquisition the control information of security gateway is an important security awareness method in the space and earth integrated network,but the traditional equal interval time data method acquisition has problems,such as waste of network bandwidth,a large amount of data redundancy,excessive data collection of acquisition node and excessive transmission times.In order to solve these problems,a data acquisition strategy based on improved swing door trending algorithm was proposed,which analyzed and improved swing door trending algorithm to determine the control information of security gateway such as the rangeability of gateway traffic and CPU utilization,and to adjust the data acquisition interval adaptively.The experimental results show that compared with the traditional equal interval time data method acquisition,under the condition of ensuring the data accuracy,the proposed strategy can lower the times of data acquisition and transmission,effectively reduce network overhead and improve data acquisition efficiency.

    Timeout threshold estimation algorithm in mimic multiple executors architecture
    Delei NIE,Obo ZHA,Chong WANG,Xin WANG,Binghao YAN
    2018, 4(10):  68-76.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.2096-109x.2018084
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    Aiming at the problem that the current timeout strategy algorithm is difficult to cope with the violent situation of task volume,a timeout threshold prediction algorithm based on equivalent proportional execution time applied to the mimetic defense architecture system is proposed.The algorithm utilizes the principle that the execution time of multiple functional equivalent executable tasks in the mimetic defense architecture is positively related,predicts the task execution time and sets a reasonable timeout threshold.The simulation results show that the proposed algorithm can dynamically predict and set the timeout threshold for different task situations,which effectively improves the timeout judgment efficiency,especially for scenarios with dramatic changes in workload.

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