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    15 June 2019, Volume 5 Issue 3
    Introduction to cyberspace security discipline
    ZHANG Huanguo,DU Ruiying
    2019, 5(3):  4-18.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.2096-109x.2019021
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    With rapidly development of electronic information technology and industry,human society comes into information age.In the information age human lives and works in cyberspace.There for,it is the base requirement for human to ensure cyberspace security in the information age.Now,our country has established whole one-level discipline of cyberspace security.So the top priority for us is that should discuss overall the architecture and base theory of cyberspace security discipline.It include the contents as follows:the concept of cyberspace and cyberspace security,the definition of cyberspace security discipline,main research area and contents of cyberspace security discipline,base theory and method theory of cyberspace security discipline.Consequently,we should correctly understand and know well the architecture and base theory of cyberspace security discipline.It is very important not only for discipline construction end personnel training but also for science research and industry development in our country.

    Preliminary study on the cultivation mode of innovative talents in the first-class cyber security college
    XU Tongge,LIU Lianzhong,LIU Jianwei,MAO Jian
    2019, 5(3):  19-24.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.2096-109x.2019022
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    Cyberspace security is a matter of national security,and the talent cultivation is of top priority.Based on the experience of developing the first-class cyber security college of Beihang University,this paper analyzes some common issues,and discusses the ideas,mechanisms and patterns of cyberspace security talents cultivation from the aspects of the talents selection,curriculum system,comprehensive training platform,practical training and academic competitions.It may provide a reference for the training of cyber security professionals.

    Training of information security undergraduate in the education mode of cyberspace security
    DU Ruiying,ZHANG Huanguo,FU Jianming,CHEN Jing,TANG Ming,HE Kun,LIU Dan,DAI Yongping
    2019, 5(3):  25-30.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.2096-109x.2019023
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    How to ensure quality of information security undergraduate training under the mode of general education was discussed.Based on the in-depth analysis of the characteristics and knowledge structure of information security specialty,some targeted solutions were put forward,such as the integration of specialized courses,the cultivation of security thinking,and the Internet + flipped classroom teaching mode.

    Discuss on cultivating mode of information security and law inter-disciplinary talents
    JIA Chunfu,LI Ruiqi,TIAN Meiqi,CHENG Xiaoyang
    2019, 5(3):  31-35.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.2096-109x.2019024
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    Since the major of information security was established in 2001,the knowledge and ability system of cyber security talents to meet demands of the society and the corresponding talent cultivating mode have always been concerned.Based on the social requirements,the basic knowledge and ability requirements of cyber security talents were analyzed,and consequently regard inter-disciplinary talents as an important demand of cyber security industry.Taking as an example the double degree class of information security and law of Nankai university,the cultivating mode of inter-disciplinary talents of information security and law was introduced,in order to provide reference for the construction of China's cyber security talent cultivating mode.

    Exploring the talent training mode of“cybersecurity doctor”
    CHEN Xingshu,WANG Haizhou,WANG Wenxian,YANG Ping,RUAN Shuhua
    2019, 5(3):  36-43.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.2096-109x.2019025
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    The competition for cyber security is ultimately the competition of talents.Countries around the world have placed cyber security talents at the national strategic level.As a new interdisciplinary subject,the intension and extension of cyber security discipline is still evolving and developing.So far,it lacks a talent training mode and evaluation mechanism suitable for the characteristics of cyber security talents.Based on years of teaching research,with reference to the existing advanced training models and evaluation mechanisms in foreign countries,combined with the actual situation in China,an innovative training mode of “cybersecurity doctor” suitable for the characteristics of cybersecurity disciplines is proposed.It covers the whole life cycle of undergraduate training.With problem orientation,students are trained to find security problems and solve them in cyberspace.Universities,industry and research institutions are closely interacting.Furthermore,it improves students' knowledge,skills and practical application ability,develops interest and ability to explore the latest advanced and core technologies,improves the quality of our teachers and education,and also helps enterprises select outstanding talents,enhance their research and development capabilities and market competitiveness.In the end,the two sides will achieve synergy and innovation,complement each other,and achieve a comprehensive win-win situation,and promote the cultivation of cyber security talents and the development of disciplines.

    Discussion on the cultivation of cyber security talents
    WENG Jian,WEI Linfeng,ZHANG Yue
    2019, 5(3):  44-53.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.2096-109x.2019032
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    The competition in cyberspace is ultimately the competition of talents.Nowadays,countries around the world pay great attention to the training of cyber security talents.the current situation of cyber security talents cultivation is introduced,the demand characteristics of cyber security talents are analyzed,and some suggestions for cyber security talents cultivation are put forward.Finally,some explorations on the training of cyber security talents in Jinan University are given.

    Exploration of teaching method incorporating ideological elements for the cutting-edge technology of cyberspace security
    HU Aiqun,LI Guyue,PENG Linning,LI Tao
    2019, 5(3):  54-66.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.2096-109x.2019026
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    The teaching method was explored incorporating ideological elements for the advanced technology of cyberspace security.The teaching content of this course is constituted of six aspects,i.e.,quantum communication,public key infrastructure,physical layer security,blockchain,trusted computing and privacy protection.Apart from teaching the related technologies,the remarkable achievements and efforts of Chinese scientists were shown and the future work was indicated.Students are grouped to do literature research,expand their knowledge,exchange the learning experience and explore the law of scientific research in these new aspects.Students can not only absorb the knowledge of cutting-edge technology,but also learn the method and spirit to address scientific problems.A useful reference for education and teaching method of course ideological for graduate students was provided.

    Construction of cyberspace security course system of comprehensive practice and graded customs clearance
    CHEN Kai,FU Cai,ZOU Deqing,QIANG Weizhong,CUI Yongquan,HAN Lansheng
    2019, 5(3):  67-74.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.2096-109x.2019027
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    The demand of cyberspace security promotes the development of cyberspace security,and the core task of the development of cyberspace security is to train high-quality professionals.In view of the problems existing in the current training of cyberspace security talents,such as scattered knowledge system,lagged professional knowledge,independent course content and insufficient interest in learning,according to the students' learning rules and cognitive process,a top-down approach is adopted to construct the curriculum system,aggregate and refine practical knowledge and skills,and a hierarchical training model of cyberspace security comprehensive practice is put forward.Breaking through the traditional learning assessment mechanism,the customs clearance mode of game is introduced.By setting test barriers for each knowledge and skill point,each training level and final comprehensive training students' ability level is examined in the way of actual customs clearance finally.Therefore,the course system of comprehensive practice and graded customs clearance of cyberspace security is constructed in order to cultivate high-quality cyberspace security professionals.

    Innovative professional skills competition to create a police practice talents
    QIN Yuhai,LIU Luyuan,GAO Haohang,LIU Shengqiao,DONG Han
    2019, 5(3):  75-80.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.2096-109x.2019031
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    In order to better hold the pulse of The Times,practice the socialist core values,coagulation hearts meet force make preliminary police officers,public security colleges and universities of professional setting characteristics at the same time,promote the good school spirit,the formation of teaching and learning,improve the students' professional qualities and professional skills,China criminal police college in cybercrime investigation department joint student management department to carry out the ledge series professional skills contest.After nearly 10 years of development,network security series of professional skills competition has been relatively mature,has produced a good talent training effect,the effect is significant.The current status of the public security colleges and universities network security talent cultivation are analyzed,and the China criminal police college it series skills contest held mode and the system structure were introduced,summed up by event to promote it personnel training experience,and for the future public security network security personnel training system in the field of development were discussed.

    Quantum information course for the undergraduate students of cyber security
    CHEN Wei,YIN Zhenqiang,HAN Zhengfu,YU Nenghai
    2019, 5(3):  81-88.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.2096-109x.2019028
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    Quantum information is a new discipline with the intersection of quantum physics and information technology,which has developed rapidly recently and has been on the road of industrialization.In contrast,the severe shortage of the practitioners,who can understand quantum information technology in depth,have become bottlenecks restricting the development of this technology.The lack of talent stems is from the lack of education,especially for the undergraduate students of engineering.Benefitting from the vigorous growth of quantum information in China,the fundamental of infiltrating the quantum information course in the undergraduate education of engineering can be performed,and some positive effects have been achieved.The course has carried out the teaching reforms,and practices in terms of teaching objectives,curriculum structure,practical methods,which have gained good teaching results.These teaching experiences and ideas provide a valuable reference for quantum information education in the cyberspace security discipline.

    Summary and study on the curriculum reform of modern cryptography based on SPOC and flip classroom
    ZHANG Ning,TAN Shichong,FU Xiaotong,DU Xiaogang,LI Hui
    2019, 5(3):  89-95.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.2096-109x.2019029
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    Based on the teaching practice of modern cryptography curriculum reform in xidian university from 2015 to 2018,the practice and effect of MOOC,SPOC and flip classroom in modern cryptography were analyzed.The implementation and reform of the lab course were summarized based on the experiments with programming marathon and traditional lab course.The accomplishments and lessons of the curriculum reform were summarized and some suggestions of innovative modern cryptography education for undergraduate in the mode of “Internet +” were provided.

    Evaluation of blended instruction based on network platform in cryptography teaching
    WU Wanqing,DU Ruizhong
    2019, 5(3):  96-101.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.2096-109x.2019030
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    According to the characteristics of cryptography course,a hybrid teaching method was designed through the network platform.In order to get the implementation effect of teaching,the evaluation is made from five aspects:teaching method,teaching content,teaching attitude,teaching environment and comprehensive evaluation.The evaluation results show that students' learning effect is improved after using the blended teaching method.The feedback results suggest that we should constantly optimize the teaching content and teaching methods; improve the ability to control the classroom,guide students to learn; teamwork can improve efficiency and reduce the intensity of teachers.These results provide useful help for further improving the practical teaching of cryptography.

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