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    20 September 2019, Volume 35 Issue 9
    Topic:data network protocol architecture innovation——NewIP
    NewIP:new connectivity and capabilities of upgrading future data network
    Xiuli ZHENG, Sheng JIANG, Chuang WANG
    2019, 35(9):  2-11.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.1000-0801.2019208
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    Internet applications deeply affect people’s work and life.As the booming of internet applications,the data network faces more and more challenges.Based on the requirements of future applications,the trend for inheritance development based on traditional IP of data networks was analyzed and a new network protocol suite——NewIP was proposed.The core technologies including deterministic IP,intrinsic security,new control and addressing mechanisms for ManyNets,user definable and new transport were also introduced.

    Large-scale deterministic network forwarding technology
    Li QIANG, Bingyang LIU, Delei ·U, Chuang WANG
    2019, 35(9):  12-19.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.1000-0801.2019213
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    A layer 3 forwarding technology LDN (large-scale deterministic network) which was scalable for wide area deployment was proposed.LDN not only keeps the advantage of traditional IP’s statistic multiplexing,but also be able to guarantee end-to-end bounded latency and bounded jitter required by 5G uRLLC (ultra-reliable low-latency communication) slice,industrial network,and other future scenarios.A simulation experiment was taken between traditional IP and deterministic IP (LDN enabled) on end-to-end worst case latency and delay variance (i.e.,jitter),the comparison results successfully proved the effective and efficient of LDN technology.

    Network architecture with intrinsic security
    Weiyu JIANG, Bingyang LIU, Chuang WANG
    2019, 35(9):  20-28.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.1000-0801.2019215
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    IP network brings big benefits for human’s life by connecting most devices all over the world,but its security and privacy issues make people frustrating when using end to end communication.Without intrinsic security design of the network,it is difficult for patch-like solutions to cure stubborn security issues (IP spoofing,privacy leakage,MITM attack,DDoS,etc.).On the basis of surveying different kinds of security threats and related security techniques,an overview of the security weakness analysis was given,and network architecture with intrinsic security (NAIS) was presented,including dynamic ID/IP with intrinsic security,security verification and audit protocols,and cross-domain cooperation defense mechanism,which could provide security and trustworthiness for end to end communication.

    Next generation IP network test system framework based on microservices architecture
    Jingyi XU,Zeyu ZHAO,Minhu SHEN,·ibin ·ING,Weiqiang ZHOU
    2019, 35(9):  29-37.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.1000-0801.2019218
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    The next generation IP network is a new type of public network.It integrates wire and wireless,broad-band and narrow-band,transmit and receive,passive and active,which leads to the diverse and complex service scenarios.However,different scenario has different needs and standards,and there remains gaps with the current techniques,protocols and standards.In order to ensure the completeness and security of all kinds of techniques and facilities in the new application scenarios,and the upcoming new characteristics in the process of network development,a comprehensive test system framework needs to be established.The next generation IP network test framework based on micro services architecture was proposed,combined with different new application characteristics,which provided support for the development of network technology.

    Trend of next generation network architecture:computing and networking convergence evolution
    Huijuan ·AO, Liang GENG
    2019, 35(9):  38-43.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.1000-0801.2019212
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    The great development of the industrial internet represented by the industrial internet will promote the transformation of the future network from the information infrastructure with information transmission as the core to the intelligent information infrastructure integrating perception,transmission,storage,computing and processing.Based on the development trend of application,network technologies and cloud computing technologies,the future data network needs to redesign the network architecture,which were proposed from the integration of computing,network and storage to meet the needs of new business and new scenarios in the future.

    Computing network:a new multi-access edge computing
    Bo LEI, Zengyi LIU, Xuliang WANG, Mingchuan ·ANG, ·unqing CHEN
    2019, 35(9):  44-51.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.1000-0801.2019209
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    Edge computing has become an important innovative business model in the 5G era,especially its low latency characteristics,which are considered to be unavailable in traditional solutions.Therefore,edge computing can provide more service capabilities and more application scenarios.However,the synergy of computing resources between edge computing and cloud computing has become a new technical problem,so it is necessary to realize cloud network collaboration,cloud edge collaboration and even edge collaboration between edge computing,cloud computing and network,so as to achieve the optimization of resource utilization.A computing network solution based on cloud,network and edge depth fusion was introduced,and a typical system for AI application was proposed,which could effectively cope with the future.

    Critical capabilities and architecture of the iCAN
    Jiaqi SUN, Guangming ·ANG, Juanna DANG, Wenjie LIU
    2019, 35(9):  52-57.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.1000-0801.2019216
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    The intelligent capability-aware network (iCAN) has installed intelligent sensors with high accuracy to quickly perceive the quality of the network,tap the maximum energy of the network,and meet the business SLA guarantee network reliability and maximum throughput.The key technology capabilities including nTouch,xRecognition and iX in iCAN were proposed,which could cope well with future network with low latency,high bandwidth and traffic micro-burst,and could be used as the basic capability of complex and variable network.

    research and development
    Multi-level and multi-index planning and evaluation method for optical network
    Xiaohong CAO,Siya XU,Guiping ZHOU,·ingjie WANG,Botao ·U
    2019, 35(9):  58-68.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.1000-0801.2019206
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    The key indicators affecting business reliability were analyzed in depth,and a network planning model for reliability and construction cost was established.Then an adaptive immune algorithm was designed to solve the network planning model.Then,a multi-level and multi-index oriented evaluation model for network planning method was established,and the weights of the indexes were obtained by using neural network algorithm,so as to achieve a comprehensive and effective evaluation of the network planning method.The simulation results show that the multi-level and multi-index oriented optical network planning and evaluation method proposed can improve the utilization of optical cable resources and the site ring rate,reduce the network construction cost,ensure the network reliability,and help to improve the efficiency and quality of network operation and maintenance.

    Underwater acoustic communications based on differential chaos shift keying
    Hongying DAI,Menglei CHEN,Weikai XU
    2019, 35(9):  69-84.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.1000-0801.2019217
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    As the most stringent and complicated channel,underwater acoustic (UWA) channels are featured by high multipath interference,time-frequency doubly spread,high noise,and narrow bandwidth.Due to time varying of underwater acoustic,it is difficult to trance and estimate channel state information (CSI).The underwater acoustic communication techniques based on orthogonal frequency division multiplex (OFDM) and spread spectrum were reviewed.Then,the characteristic of differential chaos shift keying (DCSK) was analyzed,and two multicarrier differential chaos shift keying modulations were proposed.Finally,over time-frequency doubly spread channel and underwater acoustic channel,the bit errors rate (BER) performances for two proposed schemes were presented and analyzed.Numerical results show that the proposed schemes own good robustness over underwater acoustic channels.

    GreyFan:a network attack framework using Wi-Fi covert channel
    Dongjie MA,Chengqiang JIN,·uan CHEN,Tieming CHEN
    2019, 35(9):  85-97.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.1000-0801.2019179
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    For traditional physical attacks such as side channel attacks and HID attacks in real networks,physical isolation is considered to be a relatively complete security protection against network attacks.In 2018,a Wi-Fi hidden channel method in the physical isolation environment——Ghost Tunnel was firstly proposed,that is,in the state that Wi-Fi didn’t connected,the wireless AP could successfully transmit data to the computer that initiates the connection request.An attack framework based on the Ghost Tunnel method——GreyFan was proposed.This attack framework enabled attackers to implement non-aware attacks on users who didn’t connected to Wi-Fi,such as file concealed transmission and arbitrary code execution,etc.The corresponding defense technology was also analyzed.

    Blockchain-based result-traceable searchable encryption scheme
    Xinyao WENG,Lin YOU,Tingting LAN
    2019, 35(9):  98-106.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.1000-0801.2019183
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    In a searchable encryption scheme,whether it is a cloud server or a user,it may be deceptive.In order to solve the security problem,the definition of fairness security was given and a new searchable encryption scheme based on blockchain was proposed.Through the third-party trusted authority to verify the consistency of data during data transmission,the complete verification results were recorded on the blockchain to prevent tampering,and it could make all the related entities to reach the consistent security consensus and achieve the fairness security.The security and complexity analysis show that the proposed searchable encryption scheme was feasible.If it is combined with a searchable encryption scheme with its searched results verifiable,the proposed scheme can be effectively improved to be a blockchain-based searchable encryption scheme with its searched results verifiable and its security will be more strengthened.

    RSS-TOA based localization algorithm in non-line-of-sight environment
    Zhigang LU,·ouming LI,Xianghong JIA,Shengming CHANG,Xiaoli WANG
    2019, 35(9):  107-113.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.1000-0801.2019146
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    The existence of non-line-of-sight (NLOS) error can degrade the positioning performance in wireless sensor network localization system,especially in indoor localization.To overcome the localization error caused by NLOS propagation,a localization algorithm was proposed based on received signal strength (RSS) and time-of-arrival (TOA).Firstly,a non-convex optimization problem was established based on RSS and TOA.Then,the original non-convex optimization problem was transformed into a convex optimization problem through the second-order cone relaxation technique,therefore a sub-optimal solution to the original problem could be obtained efficiently.Finally,computer simulation results show that the proposed method can provide higher estimation accuracy and better performance.

    Research status and development trend of blockchain in cellular mobile communication system
    ·iping ZUO,Shi JIN,Shengli ZHANG
    2019, 35(9):  114-123.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.1000-0801.2019192
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    The blockchain is essentially a distributed database that can be safely updated without the need for third-party intermediaries.The blockchain technology is introduced into the 6G cellular mobile communication system to ensure the privacy of users,reduce the cost of resource allocation and communication services,and support different distributed applications.In order to realize the organic combination of mobile communication and blockchain technology,it is predicted to be one of the key technologies of 6G cellular mobile communication.From the blockchain combined with internet of things (IoT),edge computing,spectrum allocation,interference management,a detailed introduction was introduced,and the latest research progress of international academic circles in this direction was expounded in recent years,and on this basis,the development trend of blockchain technology in 6G cellular mobile communication was further prospected.

    Operation technology wide Angle
    Impact of the nationwide implementation of mobile number portabilityon mobile communications market
    Wenyu HU,Xiaoyan DOU
    2019, 35(9):  124-134.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.1000-0801.2019214
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    China’s mobile users were taken as a research object,using the random sampling survey method and the survey way of CATI (computer-assisted telephone interviewing) to conduct research on the mobile subscribers market’s structure and impact after implementation of MNP (mobile number portability).The Markov probability transfer matrix was used to predict the market share of mobile phones in China,North China and South China after the implementation of MNP.And the inflow and outflow path model was proposed innovatively.In addition,the focus was on regional characteristics,duration of use,ARPU value and number of MNP to further analyze the concerns and reasons of MNP.The result shows that the longer duration of use,the higher the ARPU value,and the stronger the willingness to choose other operators and the northern subscribers have more willing than the southern.The conclusions provide reference for the decision-making of communication operators.

    Evolution of core network oriented to 5G
    Hongyuan MA,Ziyu XIAO,Zhonggui BU,·uan ZHAO
    2019, 35(9):  135-143.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.1000-0801.2019159
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    The 5G network is dedicated to the vision of “internet of everythingand information is easy to reach”.5G network adopts scene design to meet diverse business needs in a more flexible way.Based on the core network target architecture oriented to 5G,the problems in network evolution were analyzed from the aspects of network equipment form,networking architecture,network and service capabilities,and network management orchestration.Following the principle of “one-step network architecture layout,smooth evolution of network element functions,and gradual migration adjustment of capacity traffic”,the 5G evolution strategy recommendations for different periods were given.

    A comparative analysis of the development modes of the IoT for telecom operators
    Kaikai LIU,Xun ZHANG
    2019, 35(9):  144-152.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.1000-0801.2019144
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    In recent years,the development of IoT is in full swing.It is of great significance for the current transformation and development of domestic telecom operators.In this context,the business model is very important for operators to achieve “overtaking” in the IoT industry.Based on the analysis of the operation status of the IoT of operators,the development strategies of the IoT industry at home and abroad were compared,and three different development strategies was summarized.Telecom operators had advantages in customers,channels and other aspects,but limited by many factors.It was suggested that in constructing the development model,they should follow the principle of gradual progress,fully according to their own enterprise positioning,combined with national policies,pay attention to their own positioning in the industry chain of the IoT,pay attention to risks,and ultimately realize it.Better development model improve the current situation of increasing revenue in the telecommunications industry.

    5G RAN sharing &co-construction scheme
    Tao MA
    2019, 35(9):  153-157.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.1000-0801.2019182
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    5G is a mobile communication network that meets the development needs of future communication.Due to the use of higher frequencies,more base BS are needed,results in huge CAPEX and OPEX.RAN sharing will be an effective way to speed up the 5G commercial process and reduce costs and increase efficiency.The possibility of 5G RAN sharing by analyzing the scheme under SA/SA and SA/NSA architecture was explored,then a systematic theoretical basis for 5G RAN sharing and co-construction was given.

    Optimization of electric power wireless communication technology
    Xunwei ZHAO,Jie BAI,Gaoquan DING,Liyu XIANG
    2019, 35(9):  158-164.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.1000-0801.2019195
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    An optimized design for improving spectral efficiency was given for the case where the power wireless private network in the 230 MHz band continuously allocates carriers.By canceling the reserved guard band between carriers,continuous subcarrier frequency domain resource mapping,adaptive FFT and filtering processing were used,which reduced the amount of computation and improves the service rate.Aiming at the problem of unification of two technical standards of 230 MHz power wireless private network,the necessity and the preliminary analysis of the mature terminal and system equipment industry chain of public network were given.

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