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    The author’s affiliation:

    According to the national laws and regulations on copyright, the author's submission to Space-Integrated-Ground Information Networks  needs to recognize the copyright transfer policy of this journal.

    The author agrees to submit the paper and publish it in the Space-Integrated-Ground Information Networks. 

    Once the paper is published in the Space-Integrated-Ground Information Networks, the author agrees to automatically transfer the copyright of the paper to the editorial department of the journal including the rights of electronic publishing, multimedia publishing, online publishing and other forms of publishing.

    The author solemnly promises that the paper is the original paper. All or part of the content in the paper has never been published in any other journal in any form. There is no problem of repeated submission, no plagiarism, and no content that violates laws and regulations and infringes on the rights and interests of others. Once it is found that the paper involves the above problems, in order to maintain the scientific ethics and normal publishing order, the editorial department has the right to reject the manuscript and criticize the paper and relevant authors in the field of education and scientific research and within the scope of brother journals.

    The editorial department of Space-Integrated-Ground Information Networks agrees that the author can continue to use the paper for any non-commercial purposes.

    Once the paper fails to meet the publication requirements of the Space-Integrated-Ground Information Networks and cannot be published in the Journal, this agreement will automatically become invalid.

            For and behalf of_______________


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