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    15 August 2016, Volume 2 Issue 8
    Research progress of access control model and policy in online social networks
    Tian-zhu CHEN,Yun-chuan GUO,Ben NIU,Feng-hua LI
    2016, 2(8):  1-9.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.2096-109x.2016.00086
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    As one of the effective approach to protecting information,access control which makes the information only accessed by legitimate users and prevents information leakage,has been widely used in online social networks.The characteristics of OSN were analyzed.From two angles of access control model and access control strategy,the research of access control in online social networks were discussed deeply,the related research was counted and analyzed.

    Survey on anonymous authentication mechanisms of VANET
    Tian-han GAO,Yan-qiang LI
    2016, 2(8):  10-16.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.2096-109x.2016.00089
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    VANET has an attractive prospect,it faces serious security issues but at the same time.Access authentica-tion and privacy protection will play important roles to address the issues.A detailed survey on the literature anonymous authentication mechanisms of VANET in terms of their implementation approaches were presented such as anonymous credential and digital signature.The advantages and disadvantages of each mechanism were elabo-rated and the novel research directions were also given with the help of analysis.

    Academic paper
    Behavior-oriented inside network security situation modeling and analysis
    Cheng ZHU,Jia-jia MIAO,Han-dong MAO
    2016, 2(8):  17-22.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.2096-109x.2016.00067
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    According to the situation awareness theory as well as the characteristics of the inside network security,a PMDV model for behavior-oriented inside network security situation modeling by dividing the inside network space into physical domain,information domain and social domain was proposed.A sound base for situation modeling of inside network security,which classified the entities inside the network space into the following 4 classes:person(P),machine(M),data(D) and virtual agent(V),was provided and the core element “behavior” in situation model with the interactions between different PMDV entities was defined.The structure and implementation guideline of the situation analysis platform based on PMDV model were also presented and studied.

    Research on outsourcing of digital image forensics based on privacy preserving
    Bing-wen FENG,Jian WENG,Wei LU
    2016, 2(8):  23-31.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.2096-109x.2016.00085
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    The rapid growth of digital image forensics calls for outsourcing digital forensics services to the cloud.It meets the requirement of image content authentication from both the public and organizations.However,it also brings the privacy concerns over the abuse of sensitive information.Based on the research in related fields,a digital forensics cloud platform with privacy preservation was presented.Furthermore,privacy-preserving outsourcing of three types of digital forensics methods,including copy-move detection,source identification and natural image sta-tistic-based tamper detection,were designed.Various future research directions were also discussed.

    Study on shared key management scheme for WSN based on LEACH protocol
    Min FAN,Jue JIANG,Lin TANG,Mo-ran QIU,Chao LI
    2016, 2(8):  32-38.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.2096-109x.2016.00084
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    In order to achieve transmission safety,nodes longer life and higher operation efficiency for the hierar-chical wireless sensor network,a shared secret key management scheme for WSN based on LEACH protocol was proposed.The scheme has good integrity and timeliness,dynamic key safety,node security independence and key survival,and also has the ability to resist the man-in-the-middle attack,DDoS attacks and so on.Furthermore,en-ergy consumption is lower to distribute shared key,and efficiency is higher to operate network.

    Design of security verification platform for the integrated space-ground network
    Zhi-chao QIN,Ping ZHANG,Xin-xin FAN,Zhou LU
    2016, 2(8):  39-47.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.2096-109x.2016.00080
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    The integrated space and terrestrial network is complex,having diversified technical specifications which involves all aspects of the system of security technology,so it is difficult to achieve system level verification and evaluation through individual technology test.It is necessary to construct a certain scale of network authentication system to verify the effectiveness of safety technology architecture.Based on the concept of general opening and reconstruction,a scheme of integrated network security verification system was presented to validate security tech-nologies such as key management,secure routing,secure handoff,security isolation and secure transmission.

    Time based incremental backup scheme for mobile cloud computing
    Yun-fei CI,Guo-zhen SHI,Rong-na XIE,Yao-ming PAN,Feng YANG,Si-shui YE
    2016, 2(8):  48-53.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.2096-109x.2016.00079
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    A time-based data secure backup mechanism for moving the cloud was presented.Time was considered as a parameter into the data encryption for the important information in mobile device and backups the users' data ac-cording to the time period.It had not only solved the issue of the latest timely backup sensitive data,but also solved the entire ciphertext leak caused by missing the backup key.

    Study on BGP route leak
    Jia JIA,Zhi-wei YAN,Guang-gang GENG,Jian JIN
    2016, 2(8):  54-61.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.2096-109x.2016.00074
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    With the rapid expansion of the scale of Internet,BGP plays a more and more important role in the Inter domain routing system.BGP has a lot of security risks,which result in prefix hijacking,AS_PATH hijacking and route leak attacks occuring frequently,causing serious threats to the Internet.In currently,the content introduction and security research mechanism were little,so a detailed study of BGP route leak was carried out.The BGP proto-col,route policy and established rules were introduced,six types of major route leak security incidents were analy-sised,the current security mechanisms and methods were summarized and compared to solve and detect route leak.In the last,a new prospect for the security and protection mechanism of route leak was proposed.

    Provably secure social network privacy-preserving scheme
    Jian-qiong HE,You-liang TIAN,Kai ZHOU
    2016, 2(8):  62-67.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.2096-109x.2016.00082
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    A provable secure social network privacy-preserving scheme was proposed to solve the problem of social network privacy-preserving scheme's security proof.Firstly,through analyzing the security requirements about the node's privacy (indistinguishable node structure and indistinguishable sending messages),the security model were established separately.Secondly,the bilinear mapping was used to construct the social network privacy-preserving scheme.Finally,it was proved that the scheme was provable secure,the security of the schemes were analyzed and compared.The analysis results show that the scheme not only has provable security,but also can resist re-identify attack,inference attack and information aggregation attack.

    Anomaly intrusion detection based on modified SVM
    Hui ZHANG,Cheng LIU
    2016, 2(8):  68-73.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.2096-109x.2016.00092
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    A modified SVM multi-classification algorithm integrated with discriminant analysis (D-SVM) was pro-posed,which could solve the problem of low detection accuracy and high false alarm rate caused by unbalanced datasets.For a multi-classification problem could be divided into several binary classification problems,D-SVM could not only have the virtue of high detection accuracy,but also have a low false alarm rate even confronted with unbalanced datasets.Experiments based on KDD99 dataset verify the feasibility and validity of the integrated ap-proach.Results show that when confronted with multi-classification problems,D-SVM could achieve a high detec-tion accuracy and low false alarm rate even when SVM alone fails because of the unbalanced datasets.

    Study and optimization on system architectures of Larbin
    Xuan WANG,Yi-xia HUO,Yun-fei CI,Guo-zhen SHI,Li LI
    2016, 2(8):  74-83.  doi:10.11959/j.issn.2096-109x.2016.00076
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    Web crawler is an important part of the search engine,its performance will directly affect the accuracy and timeliness of the search engine.Larbin is an efficient and simple open source crawler with relatively perfect in functions.Several typical open-source crawler were firstly introduced and a multi-dimensional comparison was made among them.Then,the system architecture and working mechanism of Larbin were given in detail.Its short-comings in the program structure and process were pointed out,and improved programs were proposed.Experimen-tal results show that improved program is better in speed and performance.

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