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  • “Chinese Journal of Network and Information Security” is an academic journal in the field of information security sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Posts & Telecom Press Co.,LTD. It is now a journal of the China Cyberspace Security Association and the China Computer Federation. The purpose of the journal is to bring together security innovate ideas, disseminate academic research results, enhance scientific research and development capabilities and serve the national information security.

    Chinese Journal of Network and Information Security” was launched in 2015 and it is published on the 15th of each even month. Through the publication of basic theoretical, innovative key technology, hot spot safety, and research fields relevant to information security technology in the field of network and information security, the journal demonstrates the network and information security research results of China, provides the research personnel with the frontier information so that multilateral network international exchanges and cooperation could be carried out better, promotes the development of China’s information security technology and improvement of the academic level, serving the construction of national cyberpower.

    The key fields of the journals include: network security, network protocol security, 5G/6G security, satellite communication security, space-integrated-ground network security, satellite internet security, mobile internet security, industrial internet security, internet of things security, security situation awareness, traffic identification and analysis, intrusion detection; information security, privacy computing, secure multi-party computation, financial security, e-commerce security, blockchain, information hiding, artificial intelligence security; operating system security, software security, access control, cloud computing security, trusted computing, smart terminal security, malware detection; cryptographic algorithm, security protocol, cryptography engineering and application, identity authentication, key management, secret sharing, zero-knowledge proof.

    The readers are researchers at home and abroad, college teachers and students, engineering and technical personnel, who work on researching in the fields of network security, information security, system security, cryptography and its interdisciplinary and integrated subjects with electronics, communication, computer, etc. The journal also provides academic references for relevant network and information security institutes of scientific research and companies.


    “Chinese Journal of Network and Information Security” was indexed by Scopus, DOAJ, EBSCO database. The journal was selected into the 2020 Graded Catalog of High-Quality Sci-tech Journals in the Information and Communication field(T2), the 2020 Graded Catalog of High-Quality Sci-tech Journals in the Information and Communication Field(T2), and the WJCI Report (2021). 



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