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  • Big Data Research (BDR)


    ISSN: 2096-0271

    CN: 10-1321/G2

    Competent unit: Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China

    Sponsor: Posts & Telecom Press Co., Ltd

    Academic guidance: CCF Task Force on Big Data

    Publisher: China InfoCom Media Group

    Co-organizer: China International Big Data Industry Expo Secretariat

                           Shanghai Key Laboratory of Data Science



    Policy of Journal

    The purposes of Big Data Research, are to “promote the research and application of big data technology, facilitate technological exchange, promote innovation achievements and serve big data society with an open and innovative attitude”. Editorial policy and business scope are: report the forward-looking, independent and innovative views on industry and technology development in the application field of big data technology; new research achievements and development trend of the industry; frontier research and application of key technologies and hot spots; advanced and valuable application schemes, etc. They can effectively promote the exchange of big data technology research and application in China, comprehensively display the development of big data industry, technology trends and innovative application results in China, and promote the development of big data industry, so as to make big data technology truly apply to the society and serve social development.


    Main Columns

    Focus: analyze and summarize the status quo of frontier disciplines in big data, discuss or learn from the development of relevant technical fields, and point out the following-up feasible development direction.

    Topic: make thematic planning for the development research of the research field in big data, cover the research achievements of its key and important sub-fields, and invite the authoritative scientists of relevant fields as special executive editor to organize and plan.

    Research: publish the latest scientific achievements with innovativeness, high level and important scientific significance in big data field, describe its scientific research process, progress and results, discuss the key technologies and problems in the scientific research process, explain and verify the innovativeness and feasibility of its results.

    Application: display the application cases with typicality and innovative thinking, which can be promoted in large-scale in big data field, state its design concept, key means and methods of design, application and implementation, thoroughly analyze its application value, and discuss its referential significance.

    Forum: comment on the important scientific issues, research promotion strategy or major scientific and technological planning of the disciplines in big data, and put forward the views on some theoretical problems, such as, the relationship between scientific development and social progress.

    Trend: report of the latest major research achievement in big data field; the latest important academic trends; the review on the latest quality books published both at home and abroad. 


    Database Name

    Database Source


    Certificate of Source Journal for Chinese Scientific and Technical Papers and Citations

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China


    RCCSE Chinese Core Academic Journal

    Research Center for Chinese Science EvaluationWuhan University



    Award (Honor)



    CCF Classification Catalogue of High Quality Scientific and Technological Journals

    China Association for Science and Technology,China Computer Federation


    Classified Catalogue of High-quality Scientific and Technological Journals in the Field of Information and Communication

    China Association for Science and Technology, China Institute of Communications 


    Journal of China Computer Federation

    China Computer Federation


    Academic Journal Database of National Philosophy and Social Sciences Literature Center

    The Most Popular Journal of “Comprehensive Humanities and Social Sciences”

    National Center for Philosophy and Social Sciences Documentation, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Library


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