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  •        Telecommunications Science, founded in 1956, is an information and communication technology journal sponsored by China Institute of Communications and The People's Posts and Telecommunications Press. It has been selected as a core Chinese journal and a core Chinese science and technology journal and has extensive influence in the field of information and communication because of its authority, guidance, knowledge and practicability. The targeted readers are information and communication researchers, engineering and technical personnel, middle and senior management personnel and teachers and students of information and communication universities. 

    The magazine focuses on the achievements of major research projects (such as the National Natural Science Foundation, the National "863" Program, the National "973" Program, the National Outstanding Youth Fund, the National Education Commission's "Trans-Century Excellent Talents Training Program" Fund, the National Defense Research Fund and other projects) as well as the achievements of various innovative research topics.

    Purpose of running the journal: Focusing on Independent Innovation and Promoting the Development of Information Communication

    Main columns: Viewpoint focus, special topic, research and development, overview, wide-ranging of operation technology

    Submissions: http://www.infocomm-journal.com/dxkx

     situation of periodical acceptance:

    Beijing University Library's 2014 "Overview of Key Chinese Periodicals" Core Journals in Radio and Telecommunications Technologies.

    2009~2014 edition of China Science and Technology Periodical Citation Report (core edition) China Science and Technology Core Journal.

    China Academic Journal (CD Edition) e-magazine Co., Ltd. "full text journals included in China journal full text database".

    Collected by Cambridge Scientific Abstracts.

    Included in China core journal selection database (Wanfang)

    Included inChina Academic Periodical Database (HowNet).

    Included inChinese Science and Technology Periodical Database (VIP).


    Third prize of the second national excellent science and technology periodical evaluation (1997).

    The second prize of the Excellent Science and Technology Periodicals of China Association for Science and Technology (1997)

    The second prize of excellent science and technology periodical in the fourth quality inspection and evaluation of post and telecommunication science and technology periodical (1998).

    The State Press and Publication Administration listed "Telecommunications Science" as "Double-effect Periodical of Chinese Periodical Matrix" (2001).

    The third prize of the 3rd China Outstanding Science and Technology Periodical Award (2002).

    The first prize of excellent journal in the fifth quality inspection and evaluation of communication science and technology journals (2002)

    The first prize of excellent journal in the sixth quality inspection and evaluation of communication science and technology journals (2005).

    The second prize of Excellent Periodicals in the 7th Quality Inspection and evaluation of post and Telecommunications Science and technology periodicals (September 2007).

    2009-2010 "quality science and technology periodical award" of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

    Telecommunication science was selected into the list of "excellent" periodicals for the science and technology journals by China Association for science and technology in 2014.

    Telecommunication science was re-edited into the core journal of "Telecommunication Technology and Communication Technology" in 2014.

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