Guide for Authors

  • Special reminder: Telecommunications Science has introduced the CNKI Detecting System of Academic Misconduct. Papers submitted with a duplicate rate of more than 30% with published papers (including Master's thesis and doctoral dissertations) will not be accepted.
    1、 Contribution
    Click "Author Login" on the homepage of Telecom Science website. Please register for the first time and then log in. After logging in, register the information according to the relevant prompts and upload the manuscript.
    2、 Reviewed
    The review cycle is within 3 months. The manuscript will be reviewed three times within three months. Authors can view the status of the manuscript and the review results (returned for revision, acceptance or rejection) in the system.
    ①Initial review
    Review the quality of manuscripts, check whether there are political, policy, security, ethnic, religious, social sensitive and academic misconduct issues, technical errors and hidden dangers in manuscripts, whether they conform to the purpose of running journals, whether they fall within the scope of publication, and put forward clear handling suggestions for manuscripts. After the Initial review is passed, the responsible editor will notify the author to pay the review fee by email.
    ②Peer review 
    The manuscript deemed suitable enters into the peer review process. Telecommunications Science operates a double blind review process. The editorial department selects at least two expert reviewers to assess the scientific quality of the manuscript. According to the innovation, scientificness and practicability of the manuscript, reviewers evaluate the manuscript and give an objective and fair opinion. When the evaluation opinions are inconsistent, the editorial department will select another reviewer to evaluate.
    ③Final decision
    The peer review opinion is that the accepted manuscripts shall be sent to the editorial director for final review, and the manuscripts shall be returned for revision, acceptance or rejection. The referees’ comments will be returned to the principal/corresponding author(s) in 3 months.
    3、 Payment of layout fee
    For the accepted manuscript, the responsible editor will calculate the page fee according to the number of words in the manuscript, and notify the author of the amount of page fee and relevant procedures. After the author pays the page fee, the editorial department will issue a corresponding invoice and send it to the author or his designated person by mail or registered letter.
    4、 Edit working
    Manuscripts that are hired and have completed the formalities of paying the page fee will enter the editing process. The responsible editor will communicate with the author to revise and improve the relevant problems encountered in the process of handling. After that, typesetting, proofreading and printing will be carried out.
    5、 Sample publication
    After the magazine of the current period is published, it will be mailed through printed matter at the mailing address designated by the first author or contributor. Number of sample publications: one for each article.

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