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    Telecommunications Science Monthly, a size of sextodecimo

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    CN 11-2103/TN

    Mailing Code: 2-397

    Foreign Code: M841

    It is publicly available at home and abroad and can be subscribed by post offices all over the country.

    Distribution Abroad: China International Book Trading Corporation (P.O. Box 399, Beijing)

    Advertisement release registration: 京东工商广登字20170149号

    Advertising Rates

    Advertising Space

    Charging standard (RMB)

    Advertising size (height×Width) (mm)


    18 000


    Inside Back Cover

    20 000



    1. For advertisements designed and produced by our department, an additional design and production fee of 1000 yuan will be charged per page.

    2. The advertising color film shall be positive and 175 wire mesh.

    3. The advertising content must be true and reliable, and shall not violate the advertising laws and regulations, otherwise this journal has the right to correct it.

    4. One copy of the enterprise legal person license shall be delivered to the advertiser.

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