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    The aim of running journal of “Chinese Journal on Internet of Things” is “serve scientific development, spread scientific knowledge, promote scientific innovation, cultivate scientific talents”. The policy for the establishment of journal and scope of business are innovative basic theory in the field of Chinese Journal on Internet of Things and related interdisciplinary research, critical technology, and academic papers of research hotspot and foundation, and applied research results, all these can fully demonstrate the research results of us, reflect the research level in China, provide academic support for the technological innovation and industry service of Internet of things which are developed in fast speed, and promote the development of technology of Internet of things and applied field.

    It takes the aim of the journal, and the contents in the journal of “Chinese Journal on Internet of Things” include intelligent information system and structural theory, information sensing technology and intelligent terminal, intelligent connection technology and ubiquitous network, and data fusion processing and security control. The main columns are frontier and comprehensive review, theory and technology, service and application.

    The main readers of “Chinese Journal on Internet of Things” are computer, communication, sensor, artificial intelligence, automatic control and information society on the basis of various applied field of information network, and also the foreign and domestic scientific research personnel in the related of internet of things and fusion discipline, graduate students, and senior technical staffs.

    In order to realize “looking forward and leading, original priority, academic cultivation, and think tank together ”, “Chinese Journal on Internet of Things” devotes to the basic theory, scientific innovation, industrial development ideas, technology, and application ideas of it, focuses on and reflect the development trend of technology and industry of Internet of things of the world, clearly displays the hot technology and technology context of this field, demonstrates and analyzes the critical technology and engineering application case of Internet of things in full aspects, reports the important results of major independent innovation research of domestic and foreign internet of things on time, provides an opening and innovative exchange platform for the research of Internet of things and technical application, cultivates the industry innovative talent group with discipline knowledge system of Internet of things, strengthens the competitiveness of Internet of things in China, and promotes the fast development of Internet of things.

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