• 1、 Explanation of academic ethics, copyright, secret related issues, etc

    (1) Contributions must comply with the journal's ethical statement and inclusion statement.

    (2) Do not submit more than one draft. Only the exchanged manuscripts are read out at the academic conference, which does not belong to multi submission of one draft; However, if the conference proceedings are officially published, please do not submit them to this journal for repeated publication. Otherwise, once they are found, they will be handled according to the situation of multiple submission of one draft / multiple issuance of one draft.

    (3) This journal has introduced the CNKI duplicate checking system, and the submitted papers and published papers (including master's / doctoral dissertations) with a repetition rate of more than 20% will not be included.

    (4) The author shall guarantee the legal copyright. The signature of a cooperative paper must be approved by the collaborator. If disputes arise due to copyright, this journal will not be liable.

    (5) The contribution should be legal, that is, there is no bad behavior such as plagiarism, plagiarism and infringement. If the above-mentioned bad behaviors are found, the journal will inform the author's unit according to the facts, and will no longer accept the contributions of the first author. The author is responsible for his own writing, and this journal does not bear joint and several liability.

    (6) Contributions shall not involve state secrets. If they involve the work content of the author's unit, they must have a certificate issued by the author's unit that they can be published publicly.

    (7) The contributor must transfer the copyright of the paper (including the copyright of various media) to the editorial department and sign the copyright transfer agreement (upload the content of the manuscript / scanned copy of the signed copyright agreement "in the contribution system).


    2、 Manuscript requirements

    (1) Layout and word number requirements: the number of characters (counting spaces) of submitted word documents shall not exceed 20000 characters 

    (2) The contribution should have prominent theme, rigorous argument and accurate data, and focus on the author's own innovation.

    (3) References should be public publications and clearly indexed in the text for verification by reviewers, editors and readers.

    (4) If your article references articles that are not published (unpublished / internal) as references, please remove them.

    (5) The English abbreviations appearing for the first time in the manuscript shall have complete English spelling and Chinese translation.

    (6) If the drawings in the manuscript are edited and drawn with drawing tools such as Microsoft Visio (such as flow chart, which is not supported by Microsoft Word by default), please keep the original files of the drawings and convert them into high-definition ones JPG file, embedded in the text. The figure can be a little larger, and the necessary contents and corresponding words on the figure can be clearly viewed.

    (7) Please upload the electronic file (. Doc file) of the processed manuscript. The file should not be too large. If the file is too large, please change the image format to Jpg format.

    (8) Before uploading the manuscript, please make sure that the file does not contain virus.

    (9) After the submission is assigned with a number, the system will not provide the function of updating the manuscript. The author must submit the manuscript carefully to ensure that the manuscript is clear and finalized.

    (10) If the author requires that the "corresponding author" must be reflected in the paper, please explain "leave a message to the editorial department" in the system.

    (11) Papers on projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the national "863" plan, the national "973" plan, the national key scientific and technological research in the ninth five year plan, the national fund for distinguished young people, the "cross century excellent talent training plan" fund of the State Education Commission and the national defense scientific research fund can be published first after being reviewed and employed.

    (12) For details of manuscript requirements, please refer to the manuscript format requirements and the paper template of Journal of Internet of things.


    3、 Review matters

    (1) The review cycle of this journal is within 3 months. Under normal circumstances, the editorial department will deal with the author's contribution as soon as possible. If the author fails to reply whether the manuscript is published or not after three months, the author has the right to deal with it by himself, but he needs to inform the editorial department to avoid misunderstanding and trouble of submitting more than one manuscript.

    (2) In order to speed up the review progress, we can recommend reviewers in relevant fields and fill in the information of "recommended reviewer" (name, research direction, professional title, mobile phone number, unit, department, mailing address, telephone, postal code and e-mail) for reference.

    (3) In order to improve the quality of the journal and improve academic norms, the journal implements a two-way anonymous review system for contributions, and requests the author's assistance. Please pay attention to avoid affecting the content or behavior of anonymous review.

    (4) This journal implements peer review. Manuscripts evaluated by scientific editors will enter the peer review process. The responsible editor of the manuscript selects the reviewer. The reviewer may be selected from the members of the editorial committee, experts in relevant fields or recommended by the contributor. All papers were strictly peer reviewed in a "double-blind" manner. Revise, review or reject the manuscript according to the reviewer's comments on the manuscript and the editor's evaluation. After the revised manuscript approved by peer review is finally reviewed, the responsible editor shall decide the processing method of the manuscript according to the final review opinion.

    4、 Publication matters

    (1) When editing manuscripts, the editorial department has the right to appropriately delete and modify the accepted manuscripts.

    (2) The manuscripts employed by this journal will be returned to the author for modification. If the manuscripts cannot be returned on time under special circumstances, please contact the editorial department in advance.

    (3) After the author confirms the final version of the accepted manuscript, the author information, fund items and large paragraphs of the manuscript cannot be modified.

    (4) Once the manuscript is employed for typesetting, the editorial department will send the proofreading sample to the author and charge the layout fee.

    (5) The publication time of this journal is March, June, September and December every year. After the publication of the contribution, the journal will give a copy of the periodical free of charge (mailed to the first author or the contact person required by the author by printed matter mail), and pay for the contribution. 

    (6) The journal does not charge manuscript processing fees (APCs). A publications fee is required for each publication, 400 yuan/page for less than 8 pages, additional charge of 100 yuan for each page of more than 8 pages, the average amount of the publication fees is 4000 RMB. If the author really has no project funds to pay the layout fee, he can apply for reduction. Application method: the corresponding author sends an email explanation to the official mailbox of the editorial department of Journal of Internet of things, which will be reduced or exempted as appropriate after being confirmed by the editorial department.

    All contributors to this journal are deemed to accept the above agreements, and this journal will not make a special statement. Please abide by the above agreement. If you have different opinions or suggestions, you are welcome to put forward them at any time.

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