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About Journal

  •        "Chinese Journal of Intelligent Science and Technology" was founded in March 2019. It is a high-end academic journal headed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, sponsored by the Posts & Telecom Press, published by China InfoCom Media Co., Ltd. and guided by China Automation Society. 

    Journal's Aims:

    Aiming at building a world-class Sci-Tech journal, the journal adheres to the important principle of "running journals by experts". Focusing on the field of intelligent science and technology, it mainly publishes breakthrough basic theory research, innovative key technology application, hot issues discussion, major achievements progress, etc.. The focus of the journal includes the frontier theories and methods, technologies and trends, application systems of artificial intelligence, intelligent control, mixed intelligence, parallel intelligence, biological intelligence and military intelligence.

    Journal's Purposes:

    The jounal is devoted to promoting cross-border integration and collaborative innovation, strengthening the use of production, teaching and research, building an open, innovative and international demonstration leading academic exchange platform for intelligent science and technology research, which help to build a healthy ecological field for intelligent science and technology and its industrial applications.

    Main Columns:

           Review: Analyze and summarize the current situation and related major progress of a frontier discipline field , discuss or draw lessons from the development of related technical fields, analyze its innovative significance, and point out and suggest the feasible development direction in the future.

           Academic papers: Publish the latest scientific research achievements with innovation, high level and important scientific significance, describe their scientific research process, progress and results, discuss the key technologies and problems in the scientific research process, explain and verify the innovation and feasibility of their achievements, show the practical application effect of the achievements, thoroughly analyze their application value and discuss their significance.

           Special topics: A comprehensive discussion and in-depth analysis of a specific topic of intelligent science and technology, mining feasible ways from theoretical methods, technological research and development to the most advanced application of the industry, promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and promoting the development of science and technology to have a profound impact on the future.

         Comments: Comments and discussions on important scientific issues, scientific research promotion strategies or major scientific and technological plans in the discipline field, and reports and interpretations of the latest major research results; Introduction to the latest relevant important academic developments; Review of the latest high-quality books published at home and abroad.

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