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Academic Misconduct

  •       Chinese Journal of Intelligent Science and Technology adheres to strict academic ethics standards and resolutely eliminates all academic misconduct. The papers detection system of scientific journal academic misconduct of CNKI is used to conduct plagiarism checks.

    Recognition of academic misconduct

          The academic misconduct includes but is not limited to the following types:

    1. Plagiarism: the act of publishing a paper, which steals others opinions, data, images, research methods, written expressions and other improper means.

    2. Forgery: the act of fabricating data or facts.

    3. Tampering: the act of intentionally modifying data and facts to lose their authenticity.

    4. Improper attribution: the act of improper attribution or author ranking behavior that does not match the actual contribution to the paper.

    5. Multiple submissions: the act of submitting the same paper or multiple papers with only minor differences to two or more journals, or transferring to other journals within the agreed deadline.

    6. Repeated publication: the act of reproducing the content of one's own (or one of the authors) published paper without explanation.

    7. Violation of research ethics: the research involved in the paper dont obtain ethical approval as required, or exceeded the scope of ethical approval, or violated research ethical norms.

    Handling academic misconduct

    1. The journal will inform the authors of the paper which is identified as academic misconduct and allow the authors to explain and defend the issue before making a decision.

    2. If the paper is not accepted, the editorial department will terminate the processing procedure immediately and send back the paper.

    3. If the paper has been accepted but not published, the editorial department will cancel the acceptance qualification and reject the paper.

    4. If the paper has been published, the editorial department will withdraw the paper from the official website of the journal and all databases, and order the author to return the payment

    of the paper. If it causes reputation or other losses to the journal, we reserve the right to continue seeking compensation.

    5. For the authors with serious plagiarism and multiple submissions, the journal will not accept the papers that they are the first author within 2 years.

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