Chinese Journal on Internet of Things ›› 2020, Vol. 4 ›› Issue (1): 80-91.doi: 10.11959/j.issn.2096-3750.2020.00150

Special Issue: 6G

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Information freshness orientated wireless network design for 6G

Ke XIONG1,2,Huimin HU1,2,Bo AI2(),Yu ZHANG3,Li PEI4   

  1. 1 School of Computer and Information Technology,Beijing Jiaotong University,Beijing 100044,China
    2 State Key Laboratory of Rail Transit Control and Safety,Beijing 100044,China
    3 State Grid Energy Research Institute Co.,Ltd.,Beijing 102209,China
    4 Key Laboratory of All Optical Network and Modern Communication Network of Ministry of Education,Beijing Jiaotong University,Beijing 100044,China
  • Revised:2020-03-02 Online:2020-03-30 Published:2020-03-28
  • Supported by:
    The National Natural Science Foundation of China under Grant(61725101);The National Natural Science Foundation of China under Grant(61671051);The National Natural Science Foundation of China under Grant(U1834210);The National Natural Science Foundation of China under Grant(61961130391);The Royal Society Newton Advanced Fellowship under Grant(NA191006)


The development of the Internet of things has led to the deployment and application of various real-time monitoring systems (such as intelligent driving) and status update systems (such as industrial control).For the above systems,the freshness of information is particularly important.If the destination receives outdated information,it may reduce the accuracy and reliability of the system’s decision-making and cause severe security risks.In the future 6G network,the freshness of information will become increasingly important for information update applications.In order to characterize the freshness of information effectively,the academic world has proposed the concept of age of information (AoI).Recently,AoI has quickly become a new performance index and research hotspot of wireless systems.Firstly the research history of information age was reviewed.Then,the key issues of AoI introduced in different network models (such as single-user networks,single-hop networks,and multi-user networks) were analyzed.Finally the future research trend was prospected.

Key words: 6G, Internet of things, information freshness, age of information

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